Tuesday, 24 May 2016

4 Awesome Kid Tech Products that Graduated from Crowdfunding

Some fantastic kid tech has come out of crowdfunding campaigns over the last few years. We love to share crowdfunding campaigns and we back lots of them too. Some of the campaigns don't raise enough funding to get the product made while for others a successful crowdfunding campaign launches a new product.

We can't back every cool kid-tech crowdfunding campaign out there, but we do back quite a lot. It's great fun to follow a campaign as a family and very rewarding when the project is successful. (Of course, success isn't guaranteed, check out our guide to backing kid-tech crowdfunding projects.)

These are a few of our favourites that we did back. The campaigns are over, but these products are now available to buy so you don't have to miss out.

  1. MaKey MaKey was the first kid-tech crowdfunding project that I backed. My nine year old son has just taken it in to school this morning as part of the tortoise-shell lyre he has made for a project on sound (more on that later.) MaKey MaKey is a fab device for families who want to get into making and coding.

    Read about why we still love MaKey MaKey.
  2. MakeBlock's mBot robot is a fantastic Scratch/Arduino programmable robot that is easy to get started with and makes a great base for kids' custom robot projects.

    We recommend mBot as a great robot for kids who know Scratch (or want to learn) and want a robot that they can customise.

    Read our original review of mBot and our comparison with the latest v1.1. mBot.
  3. The CodeBug is a great little device for introducing kids to microcontrollers. It has an LED matrix, physical buttons and input and output pins that can be used to build projects that use electronics components such as switches and buzzers. There's a battery holder built in so projects are portable.

    Buy a CodeBug UK | US. Look out for the cute protective cases and accessories too. (We'll be writing up some CodeBug projects soon so subscribe if you want to find out what we've made.)
  4. We're loving SimBrix. They are small blocks that interlock to make pixel art. I backed the Kickstarter expecting that they wouldn't really stay together, but hopeful that they would. They actually work really well and have replaced the frustration of fuse/ironing beads in our house.

    Check out our SimBrix review for more details. 

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