Friday, 20 May 2016

3 Cool Costume Crafts with Ozobot

We love Ozobot here at Tech Age Kids, have done quite a few Ozobot projects with this versatile line following little robot. This week's Top Project Picks we found 3 cool costume craft ideas you can try with your Ozobot.

Printable Costumes

Danielle's Place of Crafts and Activities is probably the best place to find ideas and printables for your Ozobot costumes. When making costumes for your Ozobot, you'll want to keep them light, so paper or vinyl is always a good option. A craft cutter may come in handy.

We really liked the little BeeBot outfit for Ozobot. Find complete directions to make cool crafty costumes for your Ozobot on Danielle's Place of Crafts and Activities on the Ozobot Learning Activities Page.

Game for Ozobot by Danielle's Place of Crafts and Activities

Suction Cup Costumes

Again Danielle's Place show great ideas to use suction cups to decorate your Ozobot. Thankfully this eliminates the use of glue and sticky tape, which can get in the way of Ozobot's movement.

Our favourite suction cup costume is the butterfly. Find complete directions to make cute suction cup costumers for your Ozobot on Danielle's Place of Crafts and Activities on the Ozobot Learning Activities Page.

3D Pen Costumes

Another idea would be to make 3D printed costumes using a 3D pen. Something like the 3Doodler Start, which is not yet available, would be perfect for kids to make their own Ozobot costumes. The plastic will be light enough and because you can "draw" in 3D, the creative possibilities are endless.

Ideas by Ozobot

Ozobot also sells a Construction Accessory Kit on Amazon. The kit comes with 4 construction extensions, 2 DIY skins, 6 blocks, 1 pop-out sheet, 1 accessory sticker sheet & 1 block sticker sheet. You can create your own games and challenges.

The kit has had mixed reviews, but could be a good place to start and then move on to make your own costumes and printed games.

Home Made Ninja Costume

My 5 and 7 year olds recently made ninja costumes for their Ozobot game. We cut out paper templates, fitted them around the Ozobots and secured with sticky tape. They designed various Ninja characters using Sharpie pens. The paper costumes easily slip over the Ozobot with no need for glue or sticky tape to hold them in place.

At Tech Age Kids, we've search the web universe for great projects made by other creatives for you to try at home with the kids. We don't benefit financially from linking to projects. If we've featured your project and you prefer to have it removed, please contact us.

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