Thursday, 28 April 2016

Tinybop Infinite Arcade Retro Modern Game Creation

Ooh look what Tinybop have gone and done now. Tinybop make fantastic apps for creative and techie kids. Today they have released Infinite Arcade which allows kids to customize retro-style games to make their own creations. Think level-editor rather than coding, Infinite Arcade is aimed at 6-8 year old's.

Tinybop have managed to capture the feel of 80s video games in an app that will definitely appeal to modern kids. I love the article the developers have written about the retro games that inspired them, I read it with a smile on my face, Day of the Tentacle, Breakout, Bust-a-move, Populus, Myst, Marble Madness.

I know what my 7 year old and I will be doing at the weekend if it rains :-) It's a Bank Holiday weekend in the UK, of course it will rain.

If you haven't checked out Tinybop's Everything Machine then do that too. Awesome. One of our favourite apps ever.

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