Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Tesla vs Edison Inventor Board Game Expansion Pack

Tesla vs Edison is a strategy board game which was previously successfully funded. Now there's a Kickstarter campaign for a Tesla vs Edison Powering Up! Expansion. Tesla vs Edison is recommended for age 14+ and is a great way to get teens interested in the history of invention. It's great to see more focus on female inventors in the expansion pack.

We're big fans of board games here at Tech Age Kids, they're great for developing logical thinking skills. A board game set in tech history is right up our street!

The extension pack also includes AI decks so that a one-player game possible. The AI decks have an Ada Lovelace version (more intelligent!) or a Charles Babbage version.

There are various award options including ones that include the base game as well as the expansion pack. Rewards are planned to ship in October 2016.

If you can't wait until then for the base game then it is available to order outside the campaign.

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