Monday, 4 April 2016

Kid Tech Crowdfunding Roundup March April 2016

Here's the March / April 2016 edition of the Tech Age Kids roundup of interesting kid tech crowdfunding campaigns. These projects have launched since our last round up post. Some will be ending soon so make sure to check the campaign end date if you're interested.

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Cubetto is a cute wooden robot that teaches young children to code. Instead of using a screen for coding, Cubetto uses a wooden board with physical command blocks.

Cubetto first launched 3 years ago and this campaign launches the latest version.

Cubetto is designed to appeal to girls and boys from age 3 up.

We know a lot of parents want to find ways to develop tech skills in their kids without them being stuck to a screen. Cubetto provides an interesting option for the littlest coders.

Cubetto has already been hugely successful and the campaign doesn't have long left to run so get in quick if you're interested.


Codeybot is the update to the earlier cancelled Gemini robot project from MakeBlock.

Codeybot is a consumer-friendly kids robot that can be used for entertainment and to learn coding.

MakeBlock are the company behind mBot, one of our favourite kids robots.

With Codeybot the focus isn't on building your own robot, Codeybot comes with a sleek case which has coloured lights and and LED panel for custom designs. It can balance of lay flat and there's also a laser add-on for two player battle games.

Codeybot is programmable via a blockly-based app. Codeybot looks like a fun option for families who want to focus on coding and fun rather than building a robot. 



We're always looking new ways to combine our kids love of LEGO with their interest in electronics.

Brixo is a new platform that allows you to build electronics components into building brick models.

Brixo uses conductive bricks to link components together into a circuit.

A range of sensor and action blocks can be used to build fun and useful circuits.

There's even support for remote control via Bluetooth from an app which is a very neat feature.

Brixo is compatible with popular brands of building block so kids can use it to add to models created with their existing collection.


We have already featured the Tio craft + electronics kit for kids but they have just cancelled their campaign as they are in talks about other ways to bring the product to market. 

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