Friday, 29 April 2016

CHiP A Smart Connected Robotic Dog

We first saw CHiP, WowWee's robotic dog, at CES 2016 and its likely to be one of the hot Christmas toys for 2016. The Canine Home Intelligent Pet is now available for pre-order and will be shipping from August 2016. After it's successful debut at CES, WowWee launched an Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund the launch of CHiP.

At Tech Age Kids, we have a real pup called Ruby and a robotic dog called Roby and we think CHiP will be a great friend for both. CHiP may well be the perfect solution for parents not keen to invest in a real dog but looking to satisfy their kids' desire for a pet. From what we can see, CHiP's behaviour and play factor comes close to that of a real dog. CHiP is not a remote control toy, but rather a smart connected toy that will learn from your interaction with it, therefore making every CHiP unique.

The CTO from WowWee, Davin Sufer comments: "When it comes to bringing robots into homes, we want to provide families with a truly interactive, realistic, highly-personal and emotional experience, moving beyond adding cute elements or gimmicks to simple gadgets. CHiP has groundbreaking capabilities, sensors, mobility, and most importantly, the deepest and richest user experience the industry has seen. We believe this is the first step in both elevating the toy experience and expanding consumer accessibility to artificial intelligence and robotics."

The robotic pet also comes with a WowWee CHiP SmartBand which helps your pet learn what behaviour you like. It also acts are a remote control and notification centre for CHiP. A free companion app available on iOS and later on Andriod will feature the same controls at the Smartband and allow you to customize tricks for your puppy.

Receive a code for a free CHiP Smartband when you pre-order. (limited time only)

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I just purchased one of these for my classroom, a coding computer lab. I think the kids will love it.

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