Monday, 7 March 2016

Build It Robot with a Young Kid

Recently my youngest was not very well and stayed home with me for a couple days. He also broke his arm and was really feeling sorry for himself. I decided it was time for some cheering up and got out our Build It kit from Early Learning Centre.

He decided he wanted to make the robot and it turned into a very creative and educational session.

Building with Nuts and Bolts

The set uses nuts and bolts to put the pieces together. They are nice and chunky for small hands to handle. We learned if you have a bolt, you need a nut to fix two pieces together. We learned if you turn the nut clockwise it tightens and if you turn is "non-clockwise" (this was my 5 year old's word for anti-clockwise) it loosens the fitting. We also learned you really need two hands to work with nuts and bolts, and so I was commandeered as his second hand. :)

The Build It kit have large plastic pieces in a variety of colours and tools to build it. You can build a variety of models and also get add on kits for it. It's really good for the youngest engineers in the family.

Add a Voice Recorder

In true Tech Age fashion we decided this robot needed a voice. We got out our BeeMat recording device and attached the sensors inside his body with sticky tape. The bucket head was a perfect place to store the recorder. My son had loads of fun recording his voice and playing it back using the magnetic "magic wand" we made.

The voice recorder is from the ElectroMat kit originally made to be used with BeeBots. We're enjoying getting a bit creative with these recorders and using them for other projects.

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Despite my little one, being poorly, we really enjoyed learning about engineering together. This was a really simple activity with huge benefits. Kids truly learn through play, and my son came to grips with a variety of concepts through our play together:

  1. Engineering with nuts and bolts
  2. Clockwise and anti-clockwise direction
  3. Story telling
  4. Design and build skills
  5. Voice recording
At Tech Age Kids, we advocate playing with your kids. The benefits for you and them are very rewarding.

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