Friday, 4 March 2016

5 Screenless Activities for a Day of Unplugged

Getting creative with technology doesn't mean your kids have to stare at screens all the time. The first Friday in March is a Day of Unplugged, a Jewish initiative, to remind us to look up from our screens and enjoy activities and experiences away from our "plugged-in" lives.

We've put together a list of activities you can try with your tech age kids without a screen.

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  1. Paper Craft

  2. Papercraft is creative and fun with kids. They can learn lots of skills from cutting, to paper construction and design. You don't need much to put together a craft table for papercrafts, some coloured card and paper, scissors, glue and sticky tape. 
    For Minecraft fans you can get great Minecraft papercraft sets to build their worlds offline. Try make a Make a Moving Card for someone special. Add a voice recorder to your paper creations and make a talking poster.

  3. Pixel Art

  4. My kids love pixel art. I print off simple 1 x 1 grids and they can sit for hours designing characters and scenes in pixel form. We bring those designs to life using Simbrix to make 2D creations

  5. Board Games & Puzzles

  6. Games and puzzles are brilliant screenless activities for kids. This week, my boys played their pyramid Lego Game, which they had to build first. Logical puzzles and games can be a good option for a child that want to play on their own. And who said the kids can't learn coding skills whilst play a board game?

  7. Electronics

  8. There are tons of brilliant electronics kits available to help kids explore technology without a screen. From solar panel robot kits to DIY Music Synth kits. Let kids explore how electricity works by making a lemon battery or try make conductive playdough or  explore electric circuits with Snap Circuits.

  9. Building & Making

  10. LEGO play is an all-time favourite pass time in our family. Sometimes it gets forgotten, so today may be a good time to pull out that LEGO box again and play with the kids. We also like to build with K'Nex and build with light-up bricks. Do you keep your recycling and cardboard, like me, for a future project? These may come handy to make a Minecraft diamond sword or a cardboard robot. Why not try make some circuit cupcakes?
    By Michelle form So Make It

Happy Friday and Enjoy some Screenless Activities with the kids

More about the Day of Unplugged

The Day of Unplugged is an initiative of Reboot to engage people with the rich values, traditions and guidance of Judaism. Their mission is to encourage people to reboot and take a step back from constantly being plugged in and use the traditions of the Sabbath to slowdown and make time for reflection. Whether you observe the Sabbath or not, we think taking time away from technology from time to time can't be a bad thing. Find out more about the Day of Unplugged here.

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