Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Tech Learning For Kids - Digital Learning Day

Feb 17th 2016 is Digital Learning day which promotes the use of online resources and technology in education and training. There are events throughout the day which promote sharing of best practices and celebrating the use of educational technology.

Digital Learning Day 2016 highlights the digital divide which separates the tech haves and have nots. The topic this year is Digital Equity. Access to technology for all is a topic that we think about a lot here at Tech Age Kids. There are tons of great resources online for helping kids learn about and master technology and many of them are free. Online learning can be a great way to make learning widely available provided kids have internet access and a family that is able to support them.

Digital Learning Day Overview

There are online events running throughout the day.

Digital Learning and Families

Digital Learning Day is primarily about the use of technology in education. But families have a role to play too. Not all schools are equal when it comes to adoption of technology and there's always room to extend learning at home. 

Of course, this can further the digital divide when some families are more able to support their children's use of technology than others. While supporting your own children and grandchildren, you can be aware of opportunities to support other children in your community. If you've got tech skills, why not see if you can volunteer at a local coding club or help out at your children's school so your skills can reach a wider audience? 

Digital Learning and Tech

Digital Learning Day is about using technology to effectively deliver education in all subjects. But of course our focus at Tech Age Kids is helping kids develop tech skills. There are lots of fantastic digital resources for helping kids not just use technology but be the next generation of creators of technology - including the ed tech of the future. 

Online Resources for Kids to Learn about Technology

Here are some of our favourite online places for kids to learn about technology:
  • Coding: We've previously posted about the best websites for children to learn to code and new coding resources that were added for the Hour of Code.

  • Electronics: For little kids we love Adafruit's Circuit Playground with Adabot and Lady Ada herself. My kids have watched these loads of times!

    For older kids, EEME have some free online electronics lessons if you sign up. (They also offer a paid subscription service with hardware projects for kids and families.)

  • Design Thinking: For developing design thinking skills, Bloxels is a great place to start. Bloxels has a physical pixel board, but you can also design games in the free app.

  • 3D Modelling: TinkerCad is a free 3D modelling tool that is particularly suited to kids and beginners. TinkerCad offers a series of lessons to teach 3D design skills. (Sign up required with parental approval for under 13s.)

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