Friday, 5 February 2016

Celebrate Numbers Day with Math at Home

Today is National NSPCC Numbers Day in the United Kingdom. Nurseries, Schools and Colleges are helping raise funds to help the NSPCC protect children in danger and prevent abuse from shaping their future. They believe every child deserves a safe and happy childhood and so do we.

Numbers Day is all about getting kids engaged with maths. We know maths is a critical part of the digital age, because computers run on math and our kids will most certainly be using them now and in the future.

If your kids' school didn't take part in an event, why not have some Math fun this afternoon or over the weekend and consider donating to the NSPCC.

Another great initiative called "With Math I Can" explores having a Growth Mindset to challenges. You can help your child to think differently, changing their mindset from I Can't Do Math to With Practice I Can.

Class Dojo have put together a series of videos to explain the Growth Mindset. The first one in the series is below, but we love the next 2 chapters too. It seems there will be 2 more episodes coming soon. (I'll be showing these to my boys when they get home from school today.)

Every child is different and will have ranging abilities. Education establishments do their part to teach math, but parents also have a big part to play. You don't have to be good at math to encourage your kids to explore it. Here are some other ideas you could try at home.

Share a Book

Kids love bedtime reading, maybe consider choosing a math book to read one evening. We'd recommend Johnny Ball's Fabulous Maths Books and Bedtime Math. A quick search on Amazon brings up a multitude of math books and stories for kids of all ages.

We recommend choosing ones that are fun and not like school. How often do you hear kids say math is boring or I don't get it. On the contrary math is exciting and almost in EVERYTHING.

Maths of the Go is a newly published book by Rob Eastaway. He's written several bestselling books that connect maths with everyday life.  The book helps parents make math fun for their kids using games and activities.

Topics covered include: addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, ratio and proportion, telling the time, estimation, measurement, geometry and shapes, with an emphasis on problem solving throughout.

Tell a Math Joke

My 7 year old is loving telling jokes at the moment. His favourite, which is a fairly common one, is "Why is 6 scared of 7? Because 7 8 9." :) Here's one for the UK - "Which king loved fractions? – Henry the 1/8"

Can you think of other fun math jokes? Share them with us, or have a competition at home to see who can come up with the best math jokes.

Remember whilst exploring math, have fun and if you can donate to the NSPCC for Numbers Day.


Image Credit: NSPCC

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