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VTech Toot-Toot Construction Sets and RC Cars for Toddlers and Little Kids

vtech toot toot go go playset

The VTech Toot Toot (known as Go! Go! in the USA) range is a fantastic toy for babies, toddlers and little kids which encourages creative and imaginative play with a technology twist. The range includes Toot Toot Drivers, the classic track and vehicle toy, as well as Toot Toot Friends and their latest set Toot Toot Animals. The cars and figures use the "Smartpoint" technology to play specific phrases and melodies.

  • Note: In light of recent news about VTech's security breach on its Learning Lodge App, we would like to highlight the VTech Toot Toot (Go! Go!) range does not connect with the Learning Lodge and furthermore does not require any personal data shared.

We've been playing with a Toot Toot Drivers set at our friend's house and were really impressed. My youngest (5) really enjoyed playing with it. My friend's kids are ages 2, 4 and 6 and she comments it's a fantastic toy that all three kids enjoy playing together. In fact when I picked my kids up from her house yesterday, it was the older ones playing with the set, creating elaborate tracks.


We like the construction aspect of the Toot Toot range, allowing kids to design and build their own track or road layout for the vehicles.

For younger kids it is easy to put a simple track together and often a single circle which a toddler can sit inside and play around is the most effective. Younger kids would be more interested in driving the vehicles and animals on the track.

Older kids benefit from building it.  It is a brilliant toy for a wide range of ages.

There are a variety of track and road piece, including adjustable corner and length pieces. Their puzzle-like shaped ends, makes it easy to build and take apart.

Age and Gender

VTech recommends ages 1 - 5 for their Toot Toot sets, however we think if you have older siblings, they will still enjoy creating complex structures for the little ones to play on. If you have multiple track or road sets, there is the challenge of using all the pieces to complete a track. This will develop their design and logical thinking skills.

The lights and sounds on the vehicles, figures and animals are very appealing for younger kids and can be used as stand alone toys too.

We love the bright colours making it a true gender neutral toy. Girls and boys alike, can enjoy playing with the whole VTech Toot Toot, without the stereotypical girl/boy divide.

Connect various sets

VTech has done well to allow the different sets to connect with each other. The train track and road set, as well as the Animal and Friends range, can be built together. This is one of those toys, which you can buy for baby's first birthday and continue to build on to it, knowing you will get years of good value and play fun.


The Smartpoint technology is simple but really clever. Each vehicle and animal have comb-like buttons on the front underside which are pressed in by a specific raised pattern (Smartpoints) on the track / road. The pattern triggers a specific combination of buttons which plays a specific phrase or melody.
Smartpoints located at buildings will make vehicles play phrases related to that activity or building.

This is a brilliant way of learning cause and effect. Ask you child, what will happen if you push your car over this Smartpoint?

vtech smartpoint technology

Each vehicle has a big "face" button, which lights up and plays different melodies and phrases when pressed. This feature makes them perfect as standalone toys, which will provide entertainment away from the track and road too. As the vehicle "speak" phrases it is also great for language development. The vehicles and animals feel robust and easy to handle for little hands.

Remote Control Car for Toddlers

VTech has brought out a remote control (RC) Racer car, which can be used on the track / road too. It has a simple forward and backwards button on the remote control which is perfect for a toddler's first RC vehicle. The Racer comes with 3 sing-along songs, 6 melodies and lots of interactive sound effects. The car also has a big interactive button on the car for more sound and light effects.


The range requires a lot of batteries however according to my friend they do last a long time.  Each vehicle needs a single AAA battery which is easily changed using a coin screw. Most of the sets have an electronic element which will need AAA batteries. We recommend using rechargeable batteries.


Engages all the kids, older ones like to build the track and the young ones like the lights and sounds. Tanya (mum)
Tech Age Kids recommends the VTech Toot Toot range for babies, toddlers and little kids. It's a brilliant toy with longevity, designed with boys and girls in mind and teaches logic and cause-and-effect skills. We really like that different sets can build on each other and vehicles can interact with different sets.

The Toot Toot range even has a brilliant little advent calendar which we wrote about earlier.

If this Toot Toot range was available when my kids were younger, I would have definitely considered investing in the range. We spent hours building our Brio wooden train tracks and pushing the trains along.

We like the extend-ability and flexibility of the VTech Toot Toot (Go! Go!) range. And as a mum, I really like they are easy to clean (made from robust plastic) and easy to put away. Because sometimes toys need to sleep in boxes.

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