Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The Robots Came for Dinner on Christmas Day - Project

It's Christmas week and we're having lots of fun, doing Christmas activities with kids and robots. We gathered all the robots for a special Christmas dinner and they willingly posed for a photo and some (well done Mecannoid and mBot) even dressed up for the occasion.

The star of the day, Dash from Wonder Workshop, treated us to his rendition of "When the Robots came for Dinner" which you can also enjoy in the video below.

Make Dash play Music

One of Dash's accessories is a xylophone, which comes with its own app called "Xylo". It's really simple to use and perfect for little kids to play with robots and make music. The app has pre-loaded nursery songs, which kids can listen to and sing along whilst Dash plays.

The real fun begins when you make your own music. You can also programme Dash to make a different movement with ever bar of music.

When you attach the xylophone and connect Dash to the app, make sure you first calibrate the robot to the instrument. This is really important if you would like Dash to play the right notes.  The bars of the xylophone corresponds with the colours in the app making it simple and very visual.

Hope you like our kids effort to make Dash play the song "When the Robots came to Dinner". (It is an all-time favourite in our house.)

Try singalong with Dash and have a Merry Christmas (admittedly it is a bit slow, but we couldn't speed it up using the Xylo app.)

Lyrics to the song:

When the robots came to dinner
They came on Christmas day
They didn't like the turkey so they threw it all away
They ate up all the knives and forks and then they asked for more
I've never had a Christmas day quite like that before!

Robots who came for dinner included: Meccanoid, mBot, Sphero, Ozobot, Dot, Big Trak, LEGO Mindstorms and Dash. (Read our post about all the Robots)

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