Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Raspberry Pi Gift Ideas and Accessories

raspberry pi gift ideas

We've put together a list of gift ideas for Raspberry Pi owners. Several million Raspberry Pis have been sold so there are lots of teens, tweens and families out there who would appreciate a Pi-related accessory or gift.

Some Raspberry Pi owners are stuck for ideas on what to do with their mini computer. Others have so many ideas that the thing they would most appreciate is ... another Raspberry Pi (one of ours ended up in a Dalek!)

No doubt there will also be lots more young people getting a Raspberry Pi for Christmas this year who would appreciate a companion gift to help them get the most from their new gadget.

TouchScreen LCD Display

The new must-have Raspberry Pi accessory for 2015 is the official Raspberry Pi Foundation 7" TouchScreen display. 

The Raspberry Pi doesn't have a screen and this can be a problem for owners who want to take their Pi's to friends houses or events, or just don't have access to a screen that isn't already in use. 

This 7" touchscreen display turns the Pi into a tablet-like device but with all the capability of a Raspberry Pi.

These screens have proved very popular so it might be tricky to get hold of one at a good price before Christmas.

Cupcade: Raspberry Pi B Micro Arcade Kit

The Cupcade Kit is a very cool gift for someone with a Raspberry Pi B. It's a kit to make a mini arcade machine with a joystick and buttons that you can play real games on. 

You should be aware that this comes in kit form and requires soldering. This will keep a teenager busy for several hours making it and then many more playing games and showing off their handywork. 

Raspberry Pi Sense HAT

One of the cool things about the Raspberry Pi is that it can interface with the physical world via its GPIO pins. But it can be hard to work out how to get started. 

The Raspberry Pi Sense HAT has that covered. This board was developed for the Astro Pi Space Mission and is heading to the International Space Station in December 2015. 

It's a very nice little board with lots of cool features. It has a range of sensors that can be used for science experiments (in space or on the ground!), it also has a grid of coloured lights and a joystick. 

This is a great gift for a tween or teen who is interested in technology. 

Electronic Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi + Cookbook

For those looking to get deeper into electronics there's the Electronic Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi. This makes a good companion to the Raspberry Pi Cookbook by Simon Monk. 

The kit includes instructions for several projects and can also be used to make some of the projects from the Raspberry Pi Cookbook. 

SmartiPi Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi Camera

There are loads of cases available for the Raspberry Pi, but we rather like the SmartiPi case (for B+ or Pi 2 model B) which is compatible with building blocks and mini figures. Look out for the version that also includes a camera case.

The Raspberry Pi Camera is another good add-on for the Pi. It's a 5MP camera that can be used to to photos and videos programmatically. This creates lots of possibilities for new projects with a Pi. 

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