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Cute Accessories for Your Kid's Tablet

tabzoo tablet accessories headphones

I first came across Tabzoo Tablet Accessories at an event I attended with my kids. They were immediately attracted by the cute and fun animal character tablet covers. I noticed they had headphones specifically designed for kids, and since a frustrating trip to South Africa with the kids without proper headphones, I was keen to take a closer look. Tabzoo kindly sent us some samples, and the kids have taken them through their paces.

Tabzoo makes covers for mobiles and tablets, including a tablet backpack which doubles up as an in-car entertainment holder. The headphones come in matching design. Teeth seem to be the common denominator for Tabzoo, as the clever design of the covers, makes it look like the teeth are holding the device in place. My kids loved this feature. We took a closer look at three accessories from TabZoo:

  • TabZoo Universal App Folio Case with Built-in Stand for 10-11 inch Tablets - Monkey
  • TabZoo Headphones with Sound Limiting Technology - Tiger
  • TabZoo Traveller Universal Fit 3-in-1 Protective Tablet Case, Backpack and Car Seat Cinema - Tiger
Unfortunately not all their products are available in the USA.

tabzoo headphones backpack
We had to dash off to parent's evening and I popped the tablet in the TabZoo Traveller to keep my youngest occupied whilst I speak to the teachers.  He proudly carried the tablet, safely stored inside the backpack. The bright orange tiger design suited him, and teachers commented on how cute it was. When he sat down and flipped over the cover, he was able to play on the tablet without removing it from the backpack.  We attached the matching tiger  TabZoo headphones so he could hear the sounds without disturbing our meeting. The backpack has an easy access slit for the headphones, however due to us having an older iPad 2 tablet we had to attach the headphones before slipping the tablet into the backpack.  I wish the backpack had a little pocket / strap to attach the headphones to.  There is another compartment behind the space for the tablet, to slip in a book or two. I used it for the headphones, but it did make carrying it on your back a little more uncomfortable.

The headphones are brilliant.  They are fun and NOT pink or blue, like so many other kiddie headphones currently on the market. The ear pads have soft-to-touch fabric and the headband is adjustable. I love the fact they can fold up smaller.  Unfortunately they come without a carry pouch / bag, which I think would be really useful, as I would want to slip them into my handbag or backpack on a day out with the kids.  I wish I had these headphones when we flew to South Africa last Christmas, it would have saved us a lot of tears.  The sound limiting technology seemed to work, as the kids couldn't head me calling them, whilst they were using the headphones!

I would highly recommend the TabZoo Traveller Backpack and Headphones for travelling with kids. Pop a few special things, like colouring-in books, stickers and a picture book, in the back compartment and voila you are ready for a stress free journey by airplane, train or car. The backpack actually comes with an additional strap which allows you to attach to the car headrest to allow for in-car entertainment.

"They are so cute and soft. I love it!" 7 yrs old

The TabZoo App Folio Cover had the most cute factor, especially with the adorable MyPal App, which brings the case to life with moving eyes that respond to touch. However I felt the iPad didn't fit securely enough in the case (that said ours hasn't fallen out despite heavy use by the kids). I just know kids are a bit rough with tablets and so having a cover that is robust and fits securely is really important.  I do like how the tablet can stand in this case, using the teeth to position it upright for watching a film.  The novelty of the MyPal App soon wore off and I think it only gets put on to show off to a friend or family member. (MyPal app is available in the Apple & Andriod Appstores as a free download)

Source: Lazerbuilt, Tabzoo
The samples were provided by Lazerbuilt, TabZoo.  All opinions are our own.

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