Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Wonder League Competition with Dash&Dot Robots

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Do you have kids aged 6 - 11? Are you interested in giving them an opportunity to explore robotics? Do you own (or soon will own, because this opportunity is too fantastic to miss) a Dash & Dot Robot? Do you like the Minions (a very cool prize to meet them for real)? If you have answered yes (to even one of these questions) then you just have to keep reading to find out about the new competition from Wonder Workshop. The competition was launch 19 October so get signup to the Wonder League and have some fun with robotics.

Robotics Competition Details

The competition is open to everyone between the ages of 6 - 11 yrs. BUT only USA residents can qualify for prizes. You need to form a team of up to 6 members and need at least one adult helper either a parent / teacher. Adults can help with setup, explaining the rules and compiling the competition submission - BUT no coding - that's to be done by the awesome team of kids. (Adult helpers sign up here) Finally you need a Dash & Dot Robot.

Here are some important dates you won't want to miss for the competition:

  • Competition opens: 19 October
  • Assemble your team and signup: 1 November
  • Mission 7 announcement: 16 November
  • Competition Submission: 1 December
  • Competition Finals: 7 December
  • Winners Announced: 10 December

You'll also need a fairly big area to set up a grid for Dash & Dot to move. It is 9ft x 9ft (270cm x 270cm) divided into rows and columns using painters tape. On the mission video Make Wonder used foam mats to set out the grid. Make Wonder also suggests making the grid out of butcher or graph paper which can be rolled up in-between missions. We live in a fairly small house, so I think we'll go for this option. You can also use a smaller grid where the mission allows.

The competition requires teams to complete 6 Missions using this grid, including a 7th mission which will be announced on the 16th of November. The 6 missions teach kids how to programme the robots to move around on the grid. Each mission the robot has to perform a different manoeuvres. Oh, you'll also need 18 disposable cups to complete all the missions. You have artistic licence to make your robots look awesome, so get those creative juices flowing. Full details of the missions are available on the Make Wonder Competition Website.

For more details and prizes go to Make Wonder Competition

We're based in the UK, so no prizes for us, but I think it is a fantastic opportunity to introduce my kids to robotics and as our Dash & Dot robots are arriving shortly, we'll be sending them on missions to outer space. Sign up to our blog to follow our progress and also find out the details of Mission #7.

Happy Programming...

Need a Robot? Buy one from Wonder Workshop  Use the voucher COMPETITION for a $20 discount.

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