Thursday, 8 October 2015

Tech Toys for Pets

Little Ruby is turning 1 just before Christmas and the kids are already thinking what birthday and Christmas gift we can get for our doggie. If you asked me, before we had Ruby, whether I would buy a Christmas gift for my dog, I would probably have said "no"! However now this little fluffball is part of our family it just seems natural. So just for fun (and with a Tech Age twist) we looked around for cool techie products available for our little Ruby dog.

  1. Sphero - Ultimate Tech Ball
  2. This is an expensive toy to just buy for a dog, but we think if you are going to get a Sphero for Christmas for the family, it would make a super fun toy for a dog or cat too. Ruby loves chasing balls and my kids would definitely enjoy sending her chasing after a Sphero they can control on a tablet. We would definitely recommend to get a hardwearing cover, to protect it from inevitable scratches and bite marks. Although the  BB-8 Sphero will be the popular choice for Christmas, we think the standard Sphero 2.0 or Sphero Ollie is better for pets*. Available in the USA | UK
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  3. Squeaker Buddy - Light-up Dog Collar & GPS Tracker
  4. Squeaker make LED collars and leads for dogs but in a very techie way. We really like their approach to using technology to enhance our humans lives and make life a little safer for our pets. Their products are only available on their website - - and we would recommend you take a look. They are currently running a crowdfunding project on IndieGoGo for their latest invention - Buddy. Here they are combining the LED light up collar with more cool tech like GPS tracking and WiFi connection - wearable tech for dogs. Check them out, we think if you are a dog-owner this would be a very attractive product to consider for your pet. Especially, when the winter months arrive, you need to take your dog for a walk in the dark and pinpointing your dog on a mobile app could keep it safe.

  5. iFetch - Interactive Ball Launcher
  6. Ruby LOVES chasing a ball. She's only a small dog, but whenever we take her to the park and even at home, she goes crazy for a tennis ball. Throw it, she gets it, brings it back and repeat forever. So you can just imagine how excited we were to discover iFetch*. Genius. This device will "throw" the ball, and then your doggie retrieves it and places the ball into the device, only for it to "throw" it again - forever! We think it is great too as it was birthed from a hugely successful Kickstarter project and yet another inventor is turning to technology to solve every day problems - if you have a ball-chasing obsessed dog you will sympathise with the use of "problems". I think we have defintely found our Christmas gift for Ruby. *Full review coming soon.

We like to think at Tech Age Kids that tech can help families, even if that means their pets. We like the Sphero, Buddy and iFetch because they are examples of good uses of technology enhancing our lives and fun too. Do you think Pet Tech is taking technology too far? Or perhaps you would like to see more tech used to help look after your furry family members? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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