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Lego-Inspired Party Ideas

It's party time in our house, with our youngest turning 5 later this month. My kids plan their birthday parties months in advance. It's quite the event as we discuss the theme, games and guests to invite. I love putting the parties together, and make a lot of the things myself. I like to keep the number of guests low, especially as my kids love having their parties at home, and we live in a rather small English house. Usually a maximum of 10 kids including my own is plenty. Thinking about our theme this month, we looked through some previous party photos. One really stood out as a favourite, so I thought it would be fun to write about our Lego-inspired party for my son last year. Shhh... we can't share our theme for my youngest just yet!

Our Building Blocks Party aka Lego-inspired Party

The Lego-themed party was great fun to create. I love all the bright colours and shapes. You don't need to look very far for inspiration to pull off a Lego-inspired party. Pinterest, Google Images, even a simple search online, brings up tons of ideas, games and pictures. I drew most of my ideas from Pinterest where I made a board for inspiration.

My board for Lego Party Ideas on Pinterest.

Party Decoration

I like to go the extra mile and make the house feel different for the special birthday party event! Bunting is a great way of decorating and for this party I printed off the Lego lettering, glued it onto red paper and stapled it to some string. The "Happy Birthday" banner made a great backdrop. The kids usually get involved, so they made a "6" (out of small Lego bricks) and "D" (out of Duplo Bricks) pixel art for decoration. We printed Lego minifigures and pasted them to blue cups and used old Lego boxes as more decoration. I just used plain brightly coloured plates and napkins, but you can get some brilliant Lego-inspired party tableware.

Building Block Value Party Pack
from: Birthday Express & Costume Express

Party Bags

The party bags were so much fun to make. I used red paper bags, cut out red circles and made a 2 x 6 Lego brick adding the name of each child on the bag (printed in the Lego font lettering). If you don't want to make your own buy Lego-Brick party bags. I'm not a fan of the cheap plastic toys that are traditionally put into party bags, so I always try to give something worthwhile. For this party I managed to source second hand Lego Racers sets on eBay. The Lego Racers kits were used for a party game and then the kids could take them home in their party bag with a laminated instruction sheet. (I printed and laminated the instructions, as some sets from eBay were missing instructions). Did you know, you can print off instructions for nearly all Lego kits from the Lego.com website?

Building Block Party Treat Bags
from: Birthday Express & Costume Express

The Cake and Cake Pops

If I have to be honest making the cake is my least favourite part of the party preparation. I initially thought, fantastic a Lego Brick cake, that is going to be so easy! Well, I should have known, it wasn't going to be - I struggled to get pristine straight edges, especially on the 6 raised points of the bricks (I used marshmallows in the end). There are definitely better Lego-inspired cakes out there, and I certainly would not put myself forward for the Great British Bake-off.

However I had great fun making the cake pops. They are in fact large marshmallows dipped in melted candy. The kids helped to make the Minifigure faces. We had so much fun, I'd recommend doing them just as an afternoon activity with the kids!

Lego-inspired Party Games

A party wouldn't be a party without party games. We had passed the "pass-the-parcel" phase of party games, so the pressure was on to come up with some age-appropriate games, with a Lego theme. First up we did a simple craft activity - colouring and sticking googly eyes to create your own personal Lego Minifigure. I find it is good to have an activity ready when kids arrive to get them engaged and busy whilst parents drop them off. At age 6, kids are starting to understand "competition" so we split our guests into two teams. All the games were aimed at gaining points for your team. It worked really well and the kids responded by cheering their own teams and being engaged in all the games. Games we played included:
  • Guess how many bricks in the bottle
  • Transfer bricks from one pot to the other using a straw (and sucking)
  • Build your own Lego Racers car
  • Pop the balloon for points inside 
  • Throw a Lego brick onto a paper plate with points
  • Lego Racers car race on a home-made track

We love parties, and making them look good and be fun for the kids. I really can't wait to share our party theme for the end of this month.  Be sure to follow us on social media or sign up to our newsletter to stay in touch.

Building Block Party in a Box - Basic - 8 Guests

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