Friday, 23 October 2015

3D Printed Halloween Things for Kids - Woooo!

Halloween 3d printed things for kids
Our 3D printer always gets well-used at Halloween. We've put together a list of our favourite 3D-printed Halloween projects that are fun for kids and families to make.

The ghost hand has seen several Halloweens now and was one of our first 3D-printed family projects.

Grab some orange, black and of course glow in the dark filament and make some cool stuff for kids to have fun with this October.

Kids Handprint Glow in the Dark Ghost

3d printed child's handprint ghost
Kids handprint glow in the dark ghosts are lots of fun to make. We made this one a couple of years ago. It would be a fun project to repeat each year as a child gets bigger.

Trace around a child's hand with a dark coloured pen to get the shape of their hand and then add ghost eyes and mouth details. Also add a hole to put a hanging thread through.

We scanned the image in and then used Inkscape to trace the image, filled it in and then used OpenSCAD to extrude it to create a 3D model.

Selva3D is useful web app that you can use from a tablet to do this work for you. Just colour in the ghost shape so that you get a solid model rather than just an outline. Selva3D allows you to take a photo, transform it online and then download the resulting STL file.

LED Tea-light Pumpkins

    3D printed mini pumpkins

    These LED tea-light pumpkins are really easy to make. We 3D printed the fab mini pumpkin designs. Then we got some cheap LED tea-lights from a pound shop (dollar store), removed the flame effect piece and then popped the pumpkin on top. A blob of hot glue can be used to fix it on.

    LED tealights with 3d printed pumpkins

    We printed: Halloween Pumpkins @ Thingiverse

    Glowstick Bracelet 

    3D printed glowstick ghost and skull accessories

    We think these Halloween-themed glowstick bracelet globobs are a fantastic accessory for trick-or-treating or as a party favour at a Halloween party.

    They are designed to slide on to a regular glowstick bracelet as an accessory.

    We printed: Halloween Globobs @ thingiverse


      These Skeletons with moveable joints look like just the thing for our next Halloween 3D printing project.

      3D Model: Skeletonz @ thingiverse

      3DKitbash Boneheads Collection

      3DKitbash have a brilliant collection of 3D printable skulls some of which are available for free.

      3d printed raven skull

      We printed the Raven skull for my son as part of a Stone Age costume but it works well for Halloween too. The 3D printed skull was treated with XTC 3D and then painted.

      The 'Skull Box with Brain' from this collection is a great spooky choice and educational too!

      Download page: Boneheads

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