Tuesday, 15 September 2015

The Hornit: Scooter and Bike Light and Horn - Review

My kids are on their bikes and scooters most Summer days, but as Autumn approaches, it's getting darker earlier, I want to make sure they are safe on the roads.

We got the pleasure of trying out the Mini Hornit Bike Light and Horn and has resulted in my son being the envy of kids on the school playground.

Disclaimer: We were sent a mini hornit to test at home. As always our opinions are our own.

The Hornit is a bike and scooter light and digital horn with a remote trigger to attach to the handle. The mini Hornit comes with 25 sound effects, ranging from a traditional bike bell, to an Ole Trumpet, to a Fart sound (a particular favourite of my 4 year old).
Bike light in packaging
Mini Hornit

What kid doesn't want a new accessory for their bike? My boys love pinging their traditional bike bell, warning pedestrians they are approaching. The mini hornit upgrades that activity into the digital age.

There are plenty of bright colours to choose from, including a plain black one that looks a bit like a hornit (we got this one).

The remote trigger is a button concealed in a silicon cover which wraps around the bike or scooter handle and is attached by a cable to the light unit.

Outdoor Safety: Parents Review

We use our scooters and bikes (and balance bike) to get to school, so that means we are on them 5 days a week.

Safety is paramount, and so my kids always wear a helmet, use a bell to warn pedestrians they're coming and in the darker months, a bike light. I can't tell you how many bike lights I have purchased, that don't fit on the bike or falls off because the mounting bracket breaks. The light comes in 5 different modes - a white light that is constant, slow flash and fast flash and a green light with constant and fast flashing modes. The light is nice and bright in the dark.
"I love the fart sound, it's so funny. And the green eyes make my scooter look scary" 4 yr old
With the lack of cycle paths in our area, I teach my kids that pedestrians always have the right of way on the side-walk. Warning pedestrians you are approaching on a bike or scooter is a good practice. The Mini Hornit bike horn, allows you to ping your bell without removing your hands from the handle bars.

Fitting the Hornit

Bike light on handlebars
Trigger on the Handle
It takes seconds to mount the bike light. The super strong stretchy wings clip around the handlebars of any bike or scooter. This is a VERY important feature for me, as my kids will decide on the morning whether they want to cycle or scooter to school. It's so easy to use, the kids can fit their own lights.

The trigger, which plugs into the light unit, uses the same strong stretchy material to wrap around the handlebar and secure with a clip. It's a handy addition but not required to operate the sounds, as there are buttons on the light unit too.

The ease of fitting the Mini Hornit means you can easily remove it when you park up in the bike park.


The product comes with demo batteries which will last a short while, but you will have to replace them with 2 x AAA batteries. Make sure you switch off the Hornit when you are not using it (the button is the "sting" at the back of the unit), to will help save battery power. When you do replace the batteries, you need to "restart" the unit by pressing the on/off button until you hear a beep.

The Hornit was featured on Dragons Den and is a winner of Right Start Best Toy Awards 2015. I would highly recommend it as an accessory for any bike, scooter or balance bike. As we only have one, I'll be purchasing more for the other kids in the family. I wonder if my cycling-mad hubby will appreciate one for Christmas?

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