Friday, 25 September 2015

The Crafty Robot with a Customizable USB Rechargeable FizzBit

Our crafty robot kit
The Crafty Robot is on Kickstarter. It's a cute little kit that gives older kids a USB rechargeable vibrating FizzBit that they can add a costume to and customize themselves.

We're pleased to see this project on Kickstarter. Both of the Tech Age Kids founders bought Crafty Robot kits at last year's Brighton Mini Maker Faire (before we had even met each other!)

Now Crafty Robots are on Kickstarter so they can do a big production run and get the costs down to £5/~$8 for a kit. They've got some very cute tech-inspired robot outfit designs too.

The Crafty Robot kit includes a FizzBit which is a mini motor plus a capacitor which is rechargeable via USB. It's a simple approach which keeps the cost down. The FizzBit comes ready made.

Photo of FizzBit
Our FizzBit

You turn the FizzBit into a Crafty Robot by adding a body of your choice. It could be a 3D printed model, a card robot cut on a craft cutter (I love any excuse to get out my Silhouette Cameo!), printed papercraft or something else.

The FizzBit only takes 30 seconds to charge and then your robot runs for about the same time. It's a quick cycle which works really well and makes it really clear to kids what's happening with the electronics. And you don't need batteries!

The Crafty Robot is an inexpensive and useful gadget to have around in any maker household. The FizzBit is fun to pull out and add a bit of tech to any suitable craft project that gets made.

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lord_blackfang said...

Or you could just buy a nanobug for a dollar today and have the exact same thing.

Tracy said...

If you're not interested in how it works inside then that's a fair choice. The USB recharging feature is handy too, no need to worry about batteries. We've got hexbugs and various other motorized bugs and it's the FizzBit that gets used for craft projects. It's definitely about getting kids interested in tech, not just the end result.

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