Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Dymo Label Printer for the Super Organised Parent

My kids have gone back to school this week and with EVERYTHING requiring named label, I was looking for a solution to ease the pain. Yes, I have purchased a variety of personalised name tags in the past, but I wanted something that was customisable and I didn't need to purchase 100s of the same label to make it cost effective.

Tracy introduced me to her Dymo LetraTag Label Printer. As her label printer has seen better days we decided to invest in the newer version, Dymo Plug 'n Play Label Manager for our business.

I've now used both machines and thought you'd be interested in know what I liked about them.

The Dymo Plug 'n Play Label Printer

This label printer is so easy to use. I literally got it out of the box, plugged the USB cable into my Windows laptop, opened the application and printed my first label within seconds.

 I love the fact that you can choose ANY font and print any length of label. You can easily print multiple labels which you snip after printing along the dotted lines.

I purchased an additional label cassette to print vinyl labels for more durability. The printer came with a paper label (black ink on white label). So far the name labels I stuck on my kids water bottles have not come off (they've been washed several times already), and if they do come off, I can just easily print some more. However, I've not tested the label's durability in a dishwasher.

UPDATE: The labels lasted 8 months on the kids water bottles being used every day!


The printer doesn't require batteries or power as it is charged through the USB and it is small enough to sit on the desk next to your laptop / desktop computer ready to be used whenever you need it.

The Dymo PnP Label Printer works on Windows / Mac computers. However it is limited to being used only when plugged in. The thing I loved about the Dymo LetraTag Label Printer was it is handheld.

Dymo LetraTag Label Printer

This label printer has limited font types and size, but it is super portable. I found myself walking through my house with the printer in hand typing out and printing labels on the fly.

This is a great little printer for all kinds of name tagging jobs, as it prints on various label types, including fabric iron-on, plastic, metallic and paper labels. I've not tried the iron-on labels, but definitely a useful feature for a busy family with school age kids.

My kids were able to print their own labels using the keyboard on the label printer. It has a useful "scissor" button to easily cut the label. Dymo labels backing peels off really easily for application (I absolutely detest trying to separate backing paper from impossible double-sided tape!)

The handheld printer is powered with batteries and has an LCD screen to preview your label.

Dymo LabelManager 280

The Dymo LabelManager 280 is now rechargeable using a AC adapter, which helps save on battery purchases.  It also includes software for a Windows computer, but can work as a handheld printer like the LetraTag.  The larger screen makes it easier to work with.  You can download fonts and access more features via computer connectivity.

Currently Available on Amazon USUK

My Back-to-School Gadget

The Dymo Label printer is definitely my top back-to-school gadget this year. Being a mother in a busy family home, with all three kids in school now and running my own business from home, it really has made organisation fun.

My kids have especially liked labelling their own back-to-school essentials, from stationery to water bottles and school bags to books. I can imagine when jam making season arrives the Dymo Printer will be very handy. There are so many fantastic reasons to have one in your home. If you have one, I'd love to hear how you have used your Dymo printer. (comment below)

Update: Impressed my vinyl name label printed with the Dymo Plug n Play is still firmly attached after a month of usages and washes on my kids water bottles.

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