Tuesday, 29 September 2015

CannyBots: Programmable, Buildable Robot Toys

CannyBots is a fab new Kickstarter project that allows kids to construct their own robots, program them and play lots of cool games.

CannyBots are toy vehicles that come as a kit for children to assemble and customize.

They are cool tech toys that can be used to play games, but they can also be programmed making them fun, educational and versatile.

They come as a kit that kids put together so that they understand how their toy works and feel that they have a part it making it. They also get stickers to customize their vehicle and make it their own. It even comes with a screwdriver (my kids always love to get their hands on proper tools!)

The car has line and colour detection sensors which can be used to play racing games, navigate mazes or with some programming, ideas that kids come up with themselves.

There's also support for duelling games like Sumo.

They haven't forgotten the all important lights either! Each car has a multi-colour light so it can glow.

There's coverage for a wide range of ages with a simple app for little kids aged 4+, CannyTalk simplified programming for the 6-12 age group and then support for Python and other languages when kids are ready.

The CannyBot Brain is also Arduino compatible. This project is packed with cool tech from machine learning to 3D printable shells.

There's also mention of an add-on Navigation module with additional sensors and lots more possibilities.

It looks like CannyBot have managed to combine the fun and excitement of a tech toy with the possibility to really get under the hood and develop those important tech skills.

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