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Big Hero 6 Baymax and Hiro Hamada Costumes and Role Play Accessories

Disney's Big Hero 6 is a fantastic tech-themed kids movie. There are some fun Baymax and Hiro Hamada costumes and role play accessories that children who love the movie will have fun with. These are the kind of characters we like here at Tech Age Kids, one is a robotics genius kid and other is a robot!

"Fist Bump is not in my fighting database." 

Baymax is the big white healthcare companion robot and Hiro Hamada is the tech-loving boy he befriends. At this point you might be wondering how a small human child can be turned into a healthcare robot of rather generous proportions. Don't worry, the technology is available! There's also the opportunity to be Baymax in superhero form and add a functioning rocket fist.

If you haven't watched Big Hero 6 we highly recommend it (this article contains spoilers so watch it first.) It's one that the whole family will enjoy (warning: there are some very sad bits.)

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Hiro Hamada Everyday Costume

Hiro Hamada is a young teen who loves robotics (we like that!) His everyday outfit makes a good costume for kids who prefer a more low key approach to dressing up.

"I have a robot, I made it myself."

Hiro often wears a t-shirt with a robot motif, a pair of  3/4 length combats, a hoody and lace-up basketball shoes. Choosing a Big Hero 6 t-shirt will help to make the costume more obvious.

Hiro is a robotics genius so kids can accessorize with a toy Baymax robot or any toy robot they happen to have.

If they want to demonstrate their real-life robotics skills a littleBits set is really portable and will enable them to quickly make new projects to impress people!

Hiro Hamada Superhero Costume

Big Hero 6: Kids Deluxe Hiro Costume

from: Birthday Express & Costume Express

During the movie Hiro becomes the leader of the Big Hero 6 team of young superheroes.

Hiro wears a black, purple and red superhero costume with a very cool helmet.

If your child is going to be part of a Big Hero 6 group then you can add Walkie Talkies to allow the children to communicate with each other remotely to plan how they will stop the masked super villain.

Baymax Healthcare Companion Robot Costume

Big Hero 6: White Baymax Inflatable Costume For Kids

from: Birthday Express & Costume Express

At first we get to see Baymax as a Healthcare Companion robot, his original purpose.
"You have been a good boy! Have a lollipop!"

Baymax is a large fellow! If kids really want to go for an authentic Baymax look then this costume does the trick. It's actually inflatable.

There's an valve for inflating the costume and it comes with an electronic fan so you won't need to blow it up yourself.

Note that the gloves and lollipop aren't included.

Baymax Superhero Costume

"There is still a way I can get you both to safety."

Or, kids have the option to dress up as superhero Baymax with his armor. Kids can choose between a muscle suit and a big inflatable Baymax proportioned suit.

Big Hero 6: Deluxe Baymax Muscle Costume For Kids

from: Birthday Express & Costume Express

Big Hero 6: Kids Red Baymax Inflatable Costume

from: Birthday Express & Costume Express

You can complete Baymax's superhero costume with rocket fist which actually fires (up to 10 feet.) Perfect for saving San Fransokyo and Hiro and Abigail. It doesn't need batteries, it's operated by a trigger and can easily be reloaded.

I'm still sad about Baymax. He's coming back in the video game Kingdom Hearts III though so there's that to look forward too.

Learn to Code with Hiro and Baymax

If you've made it this far then you probably have a child who loves Big Hero 6. Can we take the opportunity to recommend that they take a look at's Disney Infinity Play Lab - they can learn some coding skills by programming Hiro and Baymax to solve fun puzzles set in San Fransokyo.

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