Friday, 28 August 2015

Technology for Kids Crowdfunding Roundup: August 2015 Edition

It's time for our August tech for kids crowdfunding projects roundup. The theme for this month would have to be wearables for kids with two different smartwatch projects, a light up costume kit and a portable Arduino device available to back.

We've already written about the OWatch, a 3D printable Arduino-compatible watch with a colour OLED screen. There's still time to back OWatch and it's looking like it will comfortably reach its target

And we've covered the Crafteeo Kids Cardboard Costume Kits with Electronics. A fab project which achieved it's target. Keep an eye on the Crafteeo website for other opportunities to buy if you missed this project.

Light Blue Bean+

The Light Blue Bean+ is a small portable Arduino-compatible  board that can be programmed from a tablet or laptop via Bluetooth. It's an upgrade to the already available Light Blue Bean.

The Light Blue Bean+ isn't specifically for children and teens, it's great for adult hobbyists too, but it is a great platform for children to experiment with.

For younger kids, the Tickle app for iOS has support for the Light Blue Bean which means that kids can program the Bean by dragging coloured blocks (Tickle is from the same folks as Scratch.)

The Bean is packed with features that will appeal to teens including Midi support and an accelerometer, it can also connect to physical inputs and outputs for physical computing projects.

There's not long to go on this Kickstarter so make your mind up quickly. We expect the Light Blue Bean+ to be available from retailers after the Kickstarter though, just as the Bean is.

JUMPY Watch for Kids

The JUMPY watch for kids is a small Android or iOS compatible device in a colourful wrist band. JUMPY is intended to be a first watch for young children.

JUMPY is intended to be used as a watch, a fitness tracker and lots more. Example uses include reminders and messaging, gaming and controlling bluetooth devices such as programmable robots and interactive toys. The device will also support parental monitoring. It works with existing apps on a smartphone or tablet.

This does look like a really interesting concept. Most smart watches for kids have fixed and limited functionality, the JUMPY is much more capable.

JUMPY has an open API so other developers will be able to provide content.

Other Projects

Other projects worth a mention are:

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