Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Kickstarter: 3D Printable Smartwatch Kit for Kids

Last week I was researching the market for wearable tech for kids, to be specific smart watches. I came across the O Watch and absolutely loved it. O Watch, designed and brought to life by 8 year old Omkar, launches its Kickstarter project today. He's been coding with an Arduino since he was 6 years old and wanted "to make [his] own product". Omkar was inspired by another young maker, Quin Etnyre, the 14-year-old maker and CEO of Qtechknow.

It's a great project to back if your kid is a keen programmer, especially as O Watch was made by a kid for kids.  The learning experience with the O Watch Kit will set a kid well on their way to understanding and working with technology and the Internet of Things.  Also check out the website IoT4Kids, where Omkar is building a community of young makers and their projects, inspiring each other to develop with low cost platforms like Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

"With the O Watch, you will be able to program games, like Rock, Paper, Scissors, and…make programs that will calculate values, such as the value of pi," says Omkar. "The O Watch is made using an Arduino-compatible core…Arduino is an awesome platform for kids like me to get started with programming."
The Smartwatch Kit vision is to encourage other kids to programme wearable tech and the Omkar shows he knows exactly what kids like. The outer casing of the watch is 3D printed and the hardware has an Arduino compatible core with a number of sensors. The O Watch will allow kids to programme their own games and algorithms on the smartwatch. They will also learn about 3D modelling, as they design and make the outer casing for the device.

The O Watch kit comes in two variants (check the Kickstarter page for lastest details):

Base Kit: Color OLED Screen with integrated Arduino Zero based main processor board, LiPo battery, 3D printed watch case and para-cord band kit. Four color options available (Orange, Yellow, Pink, Blue).

Sensor Kit: Base kit plus one stackable sensor board with integrated 3 axis compass, a temperature/humidity sensor and a barometric pressure sensor.

O Watch has partnered with TinyCircuits to make the components, a OLED screen, Arduino Processor board and separate USB programmer board.

Omkar will be showing off his watch, O Watch, at the World Maker Faire in NY Sept 26-27!

Source: Kickstarter

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