Monday, 20 July 2015

Tech Age Kids Joins Forces with Growing Coders

Welcome to the new Tech Age Kids. We wanted to share our story of getting here.

Tech Age Kids was founded by Dr Tracy Gardner and Elbrie de Kock in 2015, out of a desire to inspire families to explore technology with their children. Tracy is a computer scientist with two young children, she has enjoyed a career in the IT industry and now has fun working with children to develop their tech skills. Elbrie is a mother of 3 boys and worked in business in a variety of sectors for many years, mainly focused on sales, marketing and business development. The pair make a strong team bringing together their professional skills, parenting experience and love for learning to inspire a new generation of tech age kids.  Read more about them here.

The beginning went something like this:

Scene: Tracy and Elbrie volunteer at a local code club for kids, where their own children attend to learn about computer programming.

Elbrie: Wow, isn't it amazing how fabulously creative these kids are. I wonder if there is a way to inspire more families to explore technology.

Tracy: I've written a blog about technology for kids but have been busy with other things recently,

Elbrie: I started writing a blog for non-geek parents, like me, to understand the technology world and their kids interest in it.

Tracy: Hmm. I have been thinking about getting back to blogging. There's so much cool and useful kids tech stuff to talk about. Shall we join forces?

So here we are today and our mission is to help families and children to have a positive relationship with technology. The things we value most are our kids, and the experiences they have growing up. We want to enable them to become creators, makers and problem solvers of the next generation. It seems logical to look forward to the age our children will be growing up in and share it with others.

We hope you will join us for our Tech Age Adventure and visit regularly to learn more about technology for children.  Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter to stay in touch.

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