Saturday, 18 January 2014

Snowman Things to Make and Do

January the 18th is World Snowman Day apparently. It makes more sense in northern climes of course. It was thought up by Cornelius Graetz who collects Snowman memorabilia. The specific date was chosen because the number 18 looks like a snowman with his broomstick.

We don't have any real snow so we're going to have to come up with some alternative ways to celebrate. And of course they'll be tech/maker-themed.

  1. 3D Print a Snowman. Have you got some white filament available? You and your kids can watch a snowman appear layer by layer. You could design your own model by stacking spheres in a 3D modeling program or try one of the Snowman 3D models at Thingiverse.
  2. Make a LEGO Snowman. The LEGO Club have LEGO Snowman instructions or you can come up with your own design. 
  3. Try some paper engineering with Robert Sabuda's pop-up snowman template. (Sabuda makes awesome pop-up books.) It gives a cool 3D effect.  
  4. Play the The Snowman and The Snowdog Game which is very cute and available for iOS and Android
  5.   Make a cute light up snowman from an LED tealight. The candle flame becomes the snowman's carrot nose.

    This is cute project that will appeal to kids. My children love stuff that lights up.

    We've got a supply of LED tealights around for projects like this.
  6. Make a Scratch animation or simple game featuring a snowman. Kids can draw their own snowman or start with some clipart. E.g. from Clker - note that children can only use this site if their parents or guardian reads and agrees to the terms and conditions.

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