Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Gorgeous Books for Tech Kids

There are currently a couple of gorgeous books for Tech Kids that are raising funding on Kickstarter. Both have high quality graphics and teach some introductory tech principles in a way that will engage children.

For younger kids there's a board book or animated eBook that teaches binary and has a geek Mom. Then there's the lovely Hello Ruby which teaches children the basics of computer science and programming with the help of a little girl called Ruby.

Each of the books is suitable for boys and girls but they both have positive female techie role models. 

Both of these projects have already reached their funding targets so they should be able to complete.  (And yes, I've backed them both and I'm looking forward to sharing them with my boys.)

Firstly there's A Robot Story by Lisa Seacat Deluca which is a board book featuring two robot brothers who want to learn to be computer scientists just like their Mom.

Well that's the setup in our house two - I'm Mom to two young boys and a computer scientist. You don't find many books that reflect our situation!

The boy characters in the book are called JSON and WiFi which will be familiar acronyms to tech folk. 

A Robot Story will be available as an animated eBook and as a physical board book. The book will teach kids binary. Just what tech age kids need to get started.

There are pledge options for eBook, board book and other matching goodies. 

A Robot Story only has 3 days left so get in quick if you want to support this one.

The second is Hello Ruby by the wonderful Linda Liukas. This project tells the story of a little red-haired girl called Ruby as she learns computer science concepts.

Linda is writing and illustrating the book and it looks absolutely gorgeous. Oh and there are cute penguins too.

There's also an option for an accompanying workbook where kids to get to try out some of the things they are learning.

Hello Ruby is aimed at kids aged 5-7 and looks spot on. I have a 5 year old and a 7 year old and this is just the sort of thing I want to share with them.

There are some stretch goals for the project and there's still time to meet them. There could be a Parent's Guide and a mobile app if enough people support the project.

I'm very happy to see both of these projects. There should be loads of books that teach young children about technology, it's so much a part of their lives.

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