Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Mars Explorer Barbie And A Non-Pink Space Barbie

Barbie I Can Be Space Explorer African-American DollMattel have released a Mars Explorer Barbie as their Career of the Year doll for 2013 to tie in with the first anniversity of the Mars Curiosity Rover landing on Mars.

She's available in African-American and caucasian versions. And yes, she features lots of pink. I have to wonder if all that pink is really necessary to get girls attention.

It's great that Mattel are celebrating the Mars Rover and positioning being an astronaut as a possible career for girls. They have teamed up with NASA for this doll and it comes with information about female astronauts and encourages girls to check out Women@NASA.

I do understand that girls like pink and that once they've picked up this preference it's hard to go against it. But, there is a very cool previous space Barbie that wasn't pink.

Barbie My Favorite Career Vintage Miss Astronaut Barbie Doll Barbie My Favorite Career Vintage Miss Astronaut Barbie Doll @ Amazon BUY NOW

This is a re-released modern reproduction of the 1965 Miss Astronaut Barbie doll. The female Russian astronaut Valentina Tereshkova had already been into space when the original version was released.

I much prefer this doll to the 2013 pink version. She looks like she's actually serious about science and exploration.

She also has very cool 60s hair and make-up under that helmet so the fashion angle is still there.

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