Thursday, 15 August 2013

A Kids NASA Astronaut Costume for Halloween Space Missions

NASA Astronaut Kids Costume2013 has been a good year for raising awareness of space travel and research. You can get a very cool kids astronaut costume if your child has been inspired and wants to head off on a space mission for Halloween.

This is an official NASA licensed costume with lots of details that you find on the actual space suits of real astronauts. There are loads of cool accessories to complete the outfit.

Of course if you want to turn it into a Chris Hadfield costume then you'll need to add a Canadian patch and a mustache and teach your child to play the guitar.

This article is part of a series on Tech-themed costumes for kids that we'll be running here at TechAgeKids as we approach Halloween. 

The Kids NASA Astronaut Costume is a jumpsuit that comes with a matching embroidered cap (you can buy the helmet and other accessories separately.) It comes in sizes from Toddler aged 3 to 4 (cute!) to Young Teen aged 13 to 14 (future career?)

The costume is unisex and a good choice that works well for boys and girls. (Did you see Mars Explorer Barbie?)


You can add gloves and boot covers to add the the look.

NASA Astronaut Kids GlovesNASA Astronaut Kids Boot Covers

And there's even a talking astronaut helmet that has sound effects and a countdown. The visor can be retracted with the push of a button. If your child is going to wear the helmet out trick or treating you might watch to attach a carry strap in case they don't want to wear it all the time.

NASA Astronaut Kids Helmet
And for a really superb finishing touch you can add an astronaut jetpack backpack with pretend flames. It has a zipper opening and is just what an astronaut needs to store his or her candy when they are out trick or treating at Halloween.

NASA Astronaut Kids Backpack

Astronaut Training for Kids

To train for a Halloween space mission, kids can follow the NASA Train Like an Astronaut Program. Yes, NASA have a very cool education program to get kids fit with exercises related to how a real astronaut would need to train.

There's information on why the exercises are needed for space travel and videos that show how they are done.

There's also the online NASA Kids Club where kids can play games and learn about space exploration. (My kids have had lots of fun with this site.)

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