Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Super Awesome Sylvia's WaterColorBot

Do you remember Sylvia's WaterColorBot project which she took to the Science Fair at the Whitehouse earlier this year?

Well she has teamed up with Evil Mad Science (the Egg Bot folks, more on that later) to bring  Super Awesome Sylvia's WaterColorBot to Kickstarter in kit form.

This is a very cool piece of kit. A lot of the robots and robotics kits we see are going to appeal more to boys (like the Spider Tank) but this one will appeal to girls and creative types.

The WaterColorBot paints watercolor paintings from SVG files which can be created in InkScape. It uses regular watercolor paints and a paintbrush and can accurately reproduce a picture over and over.

An excellent solution when both Grandmas want to get the original piece of artwork ;)

As well as being a useful creative tool in its own right, the WaterColorBot is also great for teaching robotics and other STEM subjects. The bot has its insides on the outside so kids can really see what is happening. You can also adapt the kit to do more than just watercolors.

It comes in kit form and must be assembled - you'll need screwdrivers and scissors.

Rewards including the kit start from $275 which is a fairly significant amount, but if you know a kid that would really appreciate it and make good use of their new gadget then it could make sense. It's also an interesting purchase for school and clubs who are looking to teach technology to a wider audience.

Pledge: Super Awesome Sylvia's WaterColorBot

More Drawing Robots

EVIL MAD SCIENCE The Original Egg-Bot Kit, Deluxe Edition EVIL MAD SCIENCE The Original Egg-Bot Kit, Deluxe Edition
Price @ Amazon BUY NOW

We mentioned the Egg Bot earlier. Sylvia has teamed up with the folks behind this somewhat similiar device which draws designs on egg or ball shaped objects.

Personally I can think of more projects that we would do with the WaterColorBot, but the EggBot is pretty cool too.

The EggBot design is open source (we've got one made and ready for Easter next year) and the WaterColorBot will be too. This is cool as it means we might get some cool extensions and accessories.

Silhouette Cameo Starter Kit Bundle Cutter Silhouette Cameo Starter Kit Bundle Cutter
Price @ Amazon BUY NOW

The WaterColorBot also reminds me of my Silhouette Cameo craft cutter which is another great tool for maker girls. (Older ones as it does use a blade and has moving parts.)

The Cameo can be use to cut cardstock and other materials into intricate shapes for card crafts. It can also draw with pens.

You can draw your own designs though you'll have to manually switch pens when you want to change color.

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