Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Spider Tank Mark 6 Robot Building Kit

You've probably seen the Attacknid battling spider remote control robot toys that fire missiles? Well what if you could build one of those with your kid and make your own from a kit? Or have your teen make it themselves?

That's the idea behind Jaimie Mantzel's new
Kickstarter project. He's the invetor of the Attacknid and has got agreement to offer a kit variant of the robot. He's passionate about kids getting hands on with technology and making something that actually does something.

The Spider Tank Mark 6 certainly achieves that. It comes in kit form and you have to use tools and a soldering iron to put it together. Yep, real hands-on work required. If you don't have tools then there's an option to get a toolkit too.

The spider robot comes with a remote control and it can fire foam darts (and discs and ping-pong balls too if you get the extended kit.)

The Kickstarter video is really worth watching. Mantzel is really passionate about his ideas and enabling kids to learn more about science and technology in a way that really appeals to kids, tweens and teens.

The kit comes with all the pieces you need (tools optional) and the armor is plain gray and can be painted in a color or design of your choice to create a custom robot. 

I like this idea a lot. And the price is reasonable too, the kit starts at  $77 including shipping for the basic kit without tools. 

Mantzel will be making video tutorials that take you through putting the kit together. 

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If you can't wait for the kit (due December 2013) or you don't want to put it together yourself then you can buy the ready-assembled toy version of the kit which is still pretty awesome.

But I love the idea of kids building one of these with help from parents. What a cool thing to have built.

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