Thursday, 18 July 2013

New Stryder and Doom Razor Attacknids Combat Creatures

There are two new models of the Combat Creatures Attacknids coming out in Fall 2013 called Stryder and Doom Razor. Attacknids are remote control spider-like robots that can fire missiles and battle with each other.

We recently wrote about the awesome Spider Tank Mark 6 robot kit that allows you to build your own variant of this robot. Some kids (and parents) will want to get straight to the action though and Stryder and Doom Razor come ready to go.

Combat Creatures Stryder

Stryder is a spider robot with metallic blue armor and comes with a Snypa Dart Blaster.  

Combat Creatures Doom Razor

Doom Razer is red and has a Dissector Disc Blaster. 

The Story

There's a story behind the robots which is revealed in this video: The Age of the Deletors.

It is set on the planet Petralaion where there's a dispute over control of the oil resources.

Additional Weapons

You will also be able to buy additional blasters which can be fitted on to the spider robots if you fancy a change of weaponry.

Both variants have exploding armor which can blast off in battle. Combat lights and sounds are new for these models.
There's a video commercial introducing the new models:

One of the things I really like about these toys is that the Wow! Stuff, the toy company that produces Attacknids, publicly talks about Jaimie Mantzel the inventor of the spider robots. He's a very cool guy and well worth checking out for future inventors.

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