Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Laika Robotics for Raspberry Pi and Scratch

Laika is hardware control board that works with your existing Raspberry Pi to enable robotics control.

The Laika board can be used with a robot base and programmed using Scratch, Python or C.

Robot control is a great application for Scratch - it's so intuitive to program a physical robot but you can create some fairly complex behavior with the Scratch commands.

The board supports a variety of input and outputs that can be used to connect sensors and control components including motors for motion.

Robot dogs are popular this year with Tekno / Teksta and Zoomer. Laika has a dog as his logo so maybe you could build your own robot dog with this board?

We've seen lots of robot kits that are aimed at getting more kids involved in robotics, there's BrickPi, moWayduino and STEMbot1. How does Laika fit into this picture?

Laika comes as just a fairly inexpensive hardware board, so it's a good option for a parent or teacher who wants to put together a robot that can be programmed from Raspberry Pi or Scratch.

It's also an interesting option for building a robot with an older child. You can simplify this by buying an existing robot base such as the Dagu Rover 5.

The Laika board has been tested with the Dagu Rover 5 so this should work well.

The Laika doesn't have to be used to build a robot though. It can be used for lots of hardware control projects that use sensors, motors and other outputs. 

There's also a (UK only) option for a more complete hardware control kit based on the Laika board with tutorials.

Pledge: Laika Kickstarter

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