Thursday, 18 July 2013

InnoTab 3S with Wifi

We predicted that there would be a new InnoTab 3S device with Wifi for 2013, and there is. The previously announced InnoTab 3 is a new smaller format more portable version of the popular kids learning tablet. The 3S version adds Wifi support, a 5" screen and additional features. 

This time the Wifi isn't just for downloading and syncing content, kids will have access to other Wifi-enabled features including controlled web access.

(Updated with new information.)

New features of the InnoTab 3S include:
  1. Kid Connect: Text, voice and picture messaging between parents (on a smart phone) and children (on the InnoTab 3S). The text messaging sounds like a great way to get kids writing (my older son loves typing notes on his InnoTab.)
  2. Access to kid-safe websites that have been approved to play games and access information. This opens up a lot of new possibilities for a wider variety of content that can be accessed from the device.
Kids will also be able to use the camera and video camera access apps. The camera is likely to be the improved 2MP camera that was introduced in the InnoTab 3 model (2MP camera now confirmed.)

And kids will have access to a range of educational games and apps on cartridge and via download from the VTech Learning Lodge.

The InnoTab 3S actually has a different design to the InnoTab 3. The camera is on the longer edge on the 3S model. The InnoTab 3 is a cheaper and lighter model whereas the 3S has high end features.

The screen size on the InnoTab 3S is 5" (the same as on the 2S, but larger than the 3.) The InnoTab 3S comes with a rechargeable battery pack so you don't have to worry about replacing batteries.

The InnoTab 3S comes in blue and pink designs (I'd love to see some variety here!) 

I'll do a full comparison of the InnoTab 3 and 3S when we have more information.

The InnoTab 3S is now the top of the range educational tablet from VTech and has a recommended retail price of $99.99 in the US.

Pre-order: VTech InnoTab 3S

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