Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Flutterbye Flying Fairies - A Pretty Cool Use of Tech

Flutterbye Flying FairySpin Master are launching the Flutterbye Flying Fairies - a flying toy for girls. It does actually fly rather than using a trick like some previous toys.

The Flutterbye Fairies float in the air, they will drift downwards but can be keep flying by placing your hands under them and gently gesturing upwards.

Each fairy comes with a jewelry box style base which acts as a recharger, display stand and a launcher.

The Flutterbye Fairies are:
  1. Flutterbye Flying Fairy Flutterbye Flying Fairy
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  2. Pink Flower Fairy - available to pre-order.

  3. Flutterbye Flying Fairy Flutterbye Flying Fair @ Amazon BUY NOW

    Referred to as the Blue Stardust Fairy on the Flutterbye website
  4. Flutterbye Gold Flying Sunbeam Fairy Flutterbye Gold Flying Sunbeam Fairy
    @ Amazon BUY NOW

    Gold Sunbeam Fairy

You can watch a video showing the Flutterbye Fairies at  the Flutterbye Fairies website.

I was chatting to a six year old girl yesterday and she wanted to talk about fairies and how some people, including her, believe they are real. I can definitely see the appeal of the Flutterbye Fairies to young girls like her, whether they believe or not!

I would have loved this toy as a child, as a girl I would have liked the fairy characters, but I would also have been intrigued by the technology that made the fairy fly.

The Flutterbye fairies have a fan motor and use the same technology as the Air Hogs Atmosphere flying ball, but adapted to work around the body of the fairy.

Rather than using a remote control like lots of flying toys, the Flutterbye fairy uses an infrared sensor to detect solid surfaces beneath it. This includes a human hand, so a child can guide the fairy upwards without touching it.

The toy is set to launch in Fall 2013 in time for the holidays. I can see this being very popular with elementary school age girls.

Update: The Flutterbye Flying Fairy is available to pre-order for a release date of August 1st. 

Pre-OrderFlutterbye Flying Fairy

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