Monday, 24 June 2013

VTech InnoTab 3 Available to Pre-Order

InnoTab 3 The Learning App Tablet
The VTech InnoTab 3 has been announced. The InnoTab is a popular educational tablet for kids age 3-9 and we now know that there will be an updated version coming out in 2013.

The InnoTab 3 is an evolution of the previous models rather than a radical change. The basic design is the same, it has received at update and some new features. It will use the same software cartridges and downloads as

The InnoTab 3 is available to pre-order at The launch price is $69.99 so it's designed to be affordable.

We are still waiting to hear more details about the competing  LeapPad Ultra / 3. (Update: See LeapPad Ultra)

It adds a physical arrow buttons to the device which the earlier versions didn't have (although the competing LeapPad does and they are very handy.)

The InnoTab 3 is available in either pink or blue.

InnoTab 3 The Learning App TabletInnoTab 3 The Learning App Tablet Pink
The stylus has been redesigned with a more pointed end, which looks more precise. (My 6 year old son spotted this change in the video - he's sat next to me with his InnoTab 2 as I write!) It doesn't look as though it is attached with a cord though which would be handy.

The layout of buttons on the device has also changed, probably due to user feedback. It also has a smaller screen 4.3" vs 5".

The InnoTab 3 does not mention Wifi in its feature specification. Perhaps there will be an InnoTab 3s in the future which will add that feature and cost more. (Update: InnoTab 3S Announced)

You can take a look at the new tablet in this video:

Pre-Order: InnoTab 3 at in blue or pink

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