Monday, 24 June 2013

Snap Circuits Sound - New for 2013

The main new Elenco electronics set for 2013 is Snap Circuits Sound, you can probably guess that this circuit is concerned with lots of different ways to make sound effects and noise!

My son has the the regular Snap Circuits set which he likes a lot. The concept works well, the project books are well written and easy to follow and the piece snap together nicely.

I've certainly noticed that he very much enjoys projects that make a noise and gets a big grin on his face! And this is a child who doesn't actually like loud noises most of the time.

Update: You can now order Snap Circuits Sound

I can imagine that lots of kids would really like a whole kit that is designed to make lots of noise. Some parents might not appreciate this though! So think carefully before choosing this, there are other good sets that are quieter (we'll look at a couple of those in a minute.)

One of the cool feature pieces in Snap Circuits Sound is the keyboard with optical theramin which will allow kids to make interesting sound effects. I think this gives the set a bit more play value as kids will want to spend some time trying out the effects rather than just take it apart and move on to the next project.

There's also a sound recorder which kids can use to record their voice or other sounds and play it back at different speeds. Again, this is a project that actually does something and will keep kids entertained once they've built it.

Kids will also be able to use their (or your!) smart phone with an app to analyse sounds.

As usual with Snap Circuits sets, kids will be able to have fun and learn quite a bit as they follow the projects, but if they get really interested there's lots of potential to go deeper into the subject and learn a lot more.

The Snap Circuits products do produce quite a lot of noise so if you're buying as a gift please consider whether it will be appreciated by parents!

Elenco Snap Circuits Lights Elenco Snap Circuits Lights
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If you want something a little quieter then last year's Snap Circuits Light could be just the thing. Be aware of the strobe light though.

Snap Circuits Light has lots of projects to make interesting lighting effects and it can also work with a music player to have the lights controlled by music.

This set is currently discounted from it's retail price.

Elenco Snap Circuits Green - Alternative Energy Kit Elenco Snap Circuits Green - Alternative Energy Kit @ Amazon BUY NOW

If you're looking for a fun education toy to use in the summer then take a look at the Snap Circuits Green alternative energy kit.

Whereas the other kits require batteries, this one includes a solar cell, hand crank and rechargeable battery. Kids can also explore energy from wind and water.

Very cool, and at time of writing it's available at a discount.

Buy: Snap Circuits Sound

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