Tuesday, 11 June 2013

PlayStation 4 Price without Eye Announced

PlayStation 4 Sony have announced the price for upcoming the PlayStation 4 games console. The recommended retail price is $399 in the US which at first glance looks considerably less than the price of the XBox One.

But it's very important to note that this price does not include the PlayStation 4 Eye which is the camera and motion sensor used to play physical games. The Eye is also needed for the PlayStation Move wand controller which will be compatible with the PS4. The XBox One price however includes the updated Kinect sensor which enables movement-based interaction.

The option to purchase the PlayStation 4 without the Eye makes sense. Many hardcore gamers are much more interested in the PS4 games controller.

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Motion-based interaction is very popular with families and children though. So families will need to add on the cost of the PlayStation 4 Eye and probably a Playstation Move controller to get equivalent (but not identical) functionality to the XBox One. As far as we know the XBox One does not have a wand style controller.

It's likely there will be bundles announced including the PlayStation 4 Eye and games that make use of it. 

Most of the early games that have been announced for the PS4 are adult / teen games rather than family titles. I do expect that we'll see more family and kid-friendly titles, but this console is focused on serious gamers. Of course there are lots of families now where the parents are serious gamers once the kids have gone to bed, but the kids will also play games during the day.

When you're coming the two consoles you do need to consider the cost of the Eye and Move controller(s) on top of the basic console price. 

The PlayStation 4 is available to pre-order, we don't have a specific release date but it is expected in time for the holidays.

Pre-order: PlayStation 4 

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