Friday, 14 June 2013

PlayStation 4 Games for Kids and Families

What games does the PlayStation 4 console have that are suitable for children and families? The PS4 is looking like a superb gaming machine but many of its titles are aimed at an older audience. The PS4 is probably not the console you would choose toy buy primarily for your kids, but many families will have gamers from multiple generations.

In many households parents will play on the PlayStation and will want the latest generation, but they will also want family-friendly titles for playing during the day. Well there's some good news, there are some games that are suitable for a younger audience.

Note that we don't yet have ESRB ratings for games so I'm just going on the info we do have. I'll update this page as I look at more PS4 games for kids.

  1. Knack is an action platformer that is exclusive to PS4. I don't know what the age rating will be, but it looks like it will be suitable for older kids although there's plenty of cartoon violence.

    Knack is a cute robot that can turn into a huge mech who has been designed to protect humans from their goblin enemies (until it turns out that actually some of the humans may be the bigger problem.)

    Pre Order: Knack (PlayStation 4)
  2. Doki Doki Universe is an absolutely fascinating game which is very different from the standard PS4 fare. I don't know what the age rating will be, but it looks fairly tame from what I've seen.

    You are a robot whose model has been discontinued due to not having enough humanity. You must prove that you do have enough humanity by traveling around lots of planets (including a cool Egyptian one) and interacting with the characters you meet.

    Doki Doki Universe will have a free to play edition with extra content available to purchase.
  3. Hohokum is a beautifully brightly colored game where you control a creature that flies through amazing landscapes.

    The game is about exploration and enjoyment. There are puzzles to be solved along the way.

    Again, no age rating yet, but it all looks very innocent.
  4. Kingdom Hearts III Kingdom Hearts III @ Amazon

    Yes, there's a new version of Kingdom Hearts coming out and it will be available for PS4.

    Kingdom Hearts is a classic action adventure that mixes Japanese game style with Disney characters and it has a strong following who will be looking forward to the new game. It should also appeal to player who haven't played the previous versions.

    We expect this to get a rating of Everyone 10+ (or possibly even Everyone.)
  5. Skylanders SWAP Force Skylanders SWAP Force  @ Amazon

    Skylanders SWAP Force is the latest version of the hugely popular Skylanders game and action figure franchise.

    The twist this time is that each Skylander will have a top and a bottom part that can be mixed and matched to create new characters.
  6. Just Dance 2014 Just Dance 2014 @ Amazon

    There's a new version of the choreographed dance routine game, Just Dance coming out and PS4 is one of the supported platforms.

    It will have songs by popular artists like Olly Murs and One Direction that appeal to a younger audience.

    Previous Just Dance games have had a 10+ rating.

We're still waiting to hear about Disney Infinity for PS4.

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