Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Our Current Favorite Kindle Fire Apps for Kids

The Kindle Fire has been a huge hit in our house. My 6 year old uses it most days and my nearly 5 year old is also starting to ask for turns. (I only get a look in once they have gone to sleep!)

They use a wide variety of apps. I do pay close attention to what they are using. I have parental controls set up so they need permission to download even the free apps.

I'll post now and then about the apps they are currently using regularly. 

Dropwords Dropwords 

Dropwords has been a surprise big hit with the kids. I actually downloaded it for myself because I love word games, but I soon has a couple of keen 'helpers'.

The format is simple. You have to make words by joining up adjacent letters. You get more point for using unusual letters and there are bonus multipliers. There are various settings so I can choose the relaxed setting for the kids so they have plenty of time to find words - this is a great feature for kids.

Both of my kids love this and the nearly five year old is very good at finding 3-letter words. He finds it absolutely hilarious to sound out possible words and end up with nonsense. It's great for getting them to think about spelling and also for discovering new words. The three of us have been playing it together, taking turns and not worrying about the score.

The main downside of DropWords is that it's free and ad-supported. I'd prefer to pay and get rid of the ads. They're not too intrusive, but I'm always wary of inappropriate ads appearing.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel HD Cut the Rope: Time Travel HD

My older son has long been a Cut the Rope fan and he loves history so Cut the Rope Time Travel was an obvious choice and he really likes it.

My younger son has also been inducted in to the joys of feeding Om Nom's. When he gets stuck his big brother is always happy to help. Learning to give just the right amount of help is a useful skill to learn, we're working on it :)

Flow Free Flow Free 

Flow Free is a nicely designed simple to understand game that gets harder as you progress through the levels. It's a great game for developing logical thinking in little kids.

My nearly five year old immediately understood the concept and way able to play it. My six year old is enjoying progressing to harder levels. And my 8 year old nephew wanted to try the hardest challenges.

Note that Flow Free offers lots of game play for free but does have in-app purchase. Make sure you have parental controls configured.

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