Wednesday, 26 June 2013

LeapPad 2 Power with Rechargeable Battery Pack

In addition to the newly announced LeapPad Ultra, LeapFrog will also add the LeapPad 2 Power tablet to their 2013 lineup of learning tablets for children.

The LeapPad 2 Power will bundle the 5" LeapPad 2 (with a new design) with a rechargeable NiMh battery pack. The battery pack has been available as an additional accessory but many parents wanted a rechargeable power source as the default option.

Updated 9th July 2013: Now available to order.

We've actually not had a problem using regular rechargeable AA batteries with our LeapPad 2 - we always have lots of those ready to go as we have plenty of devices that use them.

One advantage with the battery pack is that you don't have to remove the batteries to recharge them, you just leave them in the device and plug in the power supply.

The power supply can also be used to power the tablet when the batteries have run out of charge. This is handy if you've forgotten to charge the tablet as kids will still be able to play, albeit with a cable attached.

A lot of families like to get into a routine where they charge the kids tablets in the same way as adult smart phones and tablets. If you already have a LeapPad 2 then you can add the LeapFrog LeapPad2 Recharger Pack. This is also an option if you want to choose one of the customized bundles like the new Monsters University LeapPad 2.

The LeapPad 2 Power has a new case design but still has the options of pink or green colors. As far as we can tell it has the same specification as the LeapPad2.

It does come with additional apps though, you get the utility suite which includes several useful apps: calculator, calendar, note pad and a clock with a stop watch. These are definitely a useful addition.

The recommended retail prices for the LeapPad2 Power is $99.99 which is that the LeapPad2 cost previously. This means that you are getting more for your money that last year when the rechargeable battery and AC adapter where an extra add on purchase. 

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Source: PC Advisor

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