Saturday, 8 June 2013

Disney Infinity for XBox One?

Disney Infinity is one of the biggest video game launches for kids in 2013, and the XBox One is a major new console coming out later in the year. Will they be coming together with a Disney Infinity release for XBox One?

Well, there hasn't been an official announcement yet, but we do have a hint.

Disney Infinity will be coming out in August 2013 and the XBox One will not be available then - it will probably be available in time for the holidays.

Microsoft have said that the XBox One is not backwards compatible with the XBox 360 so there's unlikely to be a simple upgrade path where you can simply use the XBox 360 Disney Infinity starter pack with the XBox One. The software will be different and we don't know whether the INFINITY base will need to be specific to the XBox One.

This leaves families who want Disney Infinity with a dilemma if they think they may be getting an XBox One. I think some families will decide to delay their purchase until they can get an XBox One. The XBox One is likely to be available in time for Christmas when many families will make major new purchase anyway.

For others it could go in the opposite direction. If they are really keen to play Disney Infinity as soon as possible then they might decide to stick with their current console rather than upgrade to an XBox One unless they are given a simple and inexpensive forwards migration option for the brand new games platform they have just invested a chunk of money in.

There is hope that we'll get a resolution soon though. In an interview with the Telegraph newpaper, Disney Interactive's executive producer John Vignocchi is asked whether Disney Infinity will easily transfer to Playstation 4 and XBox One. He responds that Disney Infinity is a long term platform for Disney with the implication that we can expect Infinity on XBox One in future.

With the E3 conference happening next week we might get more news that will help families to decide.

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