Friday, 21 June 2013

Custom Game Controller Helps a Disabled Kid Play Minecraft

Building a custom game controller to help a disable child to play Minecraft has to be one of the best uses of electronics and maker skills that I can think of.

Caleb Kraft has built a simple, but very important, games controller to help a boy called Thomas who has Muscular Dystrophy to play Minecraft, a game that is a big part of his life, like so many other kids his age. The controller will help Thomas to keep playing Minecraft as his symptoms worsen.

It's striking how simple the solution is - a few 3D printed parts and some simple electronics components. Kraft is frustrated by the cost of specialist components that are marketed to the physically disabled.

To think that there are kids out there with a problem that could be solved so simply and cheaply by makers who would enjoy the project.

I hope this project gets more people thinking about what is possible.

If you want to help support projects like this, Caleb Kraft suggests you go and make a donation to The Able Gamers Foundation.

Source: Hackaday via Engadget

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