Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Circuit Playground Episode 2 - B is for Battery

We've been looking forward to this. Episode 2 of Adafruit's Circuit Playground is now available to watch. If you haven't seen the first episode yet then you can watch it and find out what we thought here.

The second episode is even better. It covers the subject of batteries. It's longer than the first episode at 7 minutes and includes a practical project.

Watch the episode first and then find out what my four year old and six year old thought.

First the six year old:  
 "That is really cool, I'd like to do it." "We haven't met the spider guy yet."

Then the four year old:
"Shall we watch it again?" "I like her voice and her hair." "I think I can see electrons in my drink."

They loved it. We went back and watched the first episode again too. And they want to watch it again tomorrow. Very well done. If TV was like this they would be watching a lot more!

And I need to buy lemons. We have everything else.

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