Monday, 6 May 2013

The Lost City - A Point and Click Adventure Game that Kids Will Love

My six year old and I have just finished playing a brilliant game. The Lost City is a point and click adventure from Fire Maple Games.

I love point and click games and was keen to share them with my son at some point but thought that a lot of the games I have enjoyed would be too tricky for him. I played Myst when it first came out and loved it, but it certainly wasn't easy. I've enjoyed the Broken Sword series and will definitely share them with my son but they're a bit grown up.

Luckily my son found just the thing.

The Lost City was coming up as a recommended app on the Kindle Fire HD that we share and he was intrigued by the picture and the title. He asked if he could have it. He does get a small allowance to spend on games or books so I checked it out. The back story is perfect - a grandchild is to continue the adventure of their grandmother who was an archeologist who discovered a mysterious lost city but has been unable to unlock its powers.

After checking for age suitability and good reviews I agreed to the 99c / 66p purchase, and I'm very glad I did. This isn't a game specifically for kids, adults will enjoy it too, but it is very child-friendly.

Over the last week we've had several sessions playing The Lost City together and my younger son has joined in too. The game is superb. The graphics are gorgeous, the puzzles are just the right level of difficulty. My son solved a lot of the puzzles on his own or with just a little clue from me. The game was great for developing his logical thinking skills. A couple of times we used the included hints so he could keep moving forward, but most of the time he was patient enough to just keep exploring until one of us got a flash of inspiration.

The trailer gives the flavor of the game and its music. 

The game uses a bit of text and has text hints and a few paragraphs of conclusion. My son was fine reading this. The story is very gentle with nothing scary or violent. It's packed with adventure classics like locked treasure chests, codes to break and mini game puzzles to solve. It uses an inventory system and a journal that automatically keeps track of the clues you find so other point and click adventures will feel similar.

I'm embarrassed to admit that my 6 year old could find his way around the game much faster than I could, he took the controls throughout. I have no sense of direction in real life and this translates into games too. The Lost City includes an in-game map that you can look at, but he rarely needed it. I just told him to go back to the waterfall or the firepit and off he went.

When we finished the game I had that feeling you have when you finish a good book and don't want it to end. I'm off to find more point and click adventures that we can play.

Buy The Lost City: Android @ Amazon or iOS / Android / Nook

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