Thursday, 9 May 2013

Scratch 2.0 Released

Scratch 2.0 was released today, May 9th 2013. This is good news. Scratch is a visual programming language that enables kids to create their own programs in a way that is fun and intuitive.

The new version of Scratch has some great new features, but even better, this is a sign that Scratch is very much alive and a good choice for new projects.

This preview covers the main new features of Scratch 2.0.


A few highlights are:
  1. See Inside feature to look at the code for an project that has been shared online.
  2. SVG graphics that scale neatly. 
  3. Ability to clone sprites - very handy.
Note that Scratch 2.0 runs in a web browser and uses Flash. This makes it easy to get started if you are in an environment where you have Flash available.

Adobe are phasing out Flash so hopefully we'll see an HTML 5 version in future.

See: Scratch 2.0

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