Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Printable 360 Degree Wheel with Compass Rose

Here's a printable 360 degree wheel that I've designed to help my 6 year old learn about measuring angles and directions using degrees. He is already familiar with compass points so I've added a compass rose for reference.

He has been learning to program with Scratch recently and the book we choose uses degrees for positioning some of the time. I realized my son didn't know what 90 degrees meant so I created a visual reference for him so we could discuss how we use degrees.

Scratch actually uses negative values once you go over 180 degrees so instead of 270 degrees you get -90. We were able to discuss why this makes sense so he understands both approaches.

Of course the compass directions are fixed, while you can start measuring angles from anywhere. You can mount the 360 wheel and compass rose on circles of card and then use a split pin in the center to allow them to move independently of each other.

Learning about angles and compass directions is useful for programming robots and games as well as navigating in real life so it's a handy skill for techie kids to have. 

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Download: 360 Degree Wheel with Compass Rose

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