Monday, 13 May 2013

Kurio 4S Touch - New Tablet for Kids

A new mini Android tablet has been announced: the Kurio 4S Touch and it's aimed at kids and teen users.

Kurio have a range of family tablets in different sizes but this new addition is the smallest with a 4 inch screen. The Kurio 4S will have parental controls like the other tablets in the Kurio range.

Update: Kurio 4S Touch pre-order now available in Black or White

According to Toy World Mag the Kurio 4S Touch will come loaded with a range of educational apps, communication and entertainment apps and games that will appeal to kids and teens. Teens are highlighted as wanting a small portable device, though in my experience many teens will have a smart phone already that is able to fulfill this role.

I can see that kids who don't yet have a cell phone are a potential market for such a device - the iPod Touch has done very well with the tween age group.  The smaller size means that the Kurio 4S Touch will be cheaper than its larger siblings. This means that kids are more likely to be able to have their own device, and parents will be more willing to let them take it to a friends house. The small form factor does make it more portable too. A 7" tablet is still quite a big object for a child to carry around, or for a parent to carry around so that a younger child can use it.

Interestingly Fuhu have aimed their 4" Android tablet at the youngest tablet users. The Nabi Junior comes preloaded with content for preschoolers and is going head to head with the LeapPad 2 and InnoTab 2 learning tablets. This makes sense because larger tablets tend to be pretty heavy for really little kids and they find a smaller tablet easier to hold. The Nabi Jr is styled for little kids so it is easy to hold and well protected whereas the Kurio 4S has a design that will appeal to older kids.

It will be interesting to see if there is a market for the Kurio 4S as a more portable tablet for kids.

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