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Ancient Egypt for Kids - Top Online Resources

In this article I'll share our favorite electronic resources about ancient Egypt for kids. My son and several of his friends are obsessed with ancient Egypt and I'm always on the look out for fun online websites, games, activities, apps and eBooks that they will enjoy.

I'll be running a series of these eResources for kids posts where I round up our favorites on a particular theme. It can take a lot of time to find the good stuff and when your child is fascinated by a subject you want to quickly get ideas to keep them interested.

Ancient Egypt has been a popular topic in our house for a long time so I've got a great collection of favorites.

I'll include websites that are accessible from a PC, apps for tablets, videos to watch and eBooks too.

  1. Rocket Robinson and the Pharoah's Fortune Web Comic. This is a child-friendly online graphic novel that is available free to read online. It's an adventure story featuring a 12 year old boy in 1933 and is steeped in ancient Egyptian myths and artefacts. 
  2. This video is a sample of the content available in the TropicMind virtual world which has some good educational material and free and subscription areas.

    The video is full of the gory details that kids love about embalming and the Egyptian afterlife stories.
  3. Hieroglyphic Cartouche Generator. There are lots of hieroglyphics generators that will take a name and generate hieroglyphs. This one has nice graphics and puts the characters inside a cartouche.
  4. Death in Sakkara: An Egyptian Adventure a browser-based point and click adventure. The comic style graphics and a scary plot work well.
  5. History Dudes Ancient Egyptians (fun facts with colorful illustrations) and Curse of the Crocodile God (kids graphic novel) are available to read free online at time of writing (sign up required). 
  6. Pyramid Building Challenge - In this educational game, you get to build a pyramid. There's lots of information to read, nice graphics and decisions to make. Make the right choices and you'll build a good pyramid quickly.
  7. Tomb of the Unknown Mummy - A hidden object game where you must use your torch to find clues to the identity of the tomb's owner. 
  8. Britannica Kids: Ancient Egypt App -  I have this app on my iPhone and it's been very useful for keeping the kids occupied in the car. It's nicely done but not outstanding. But I'm struggling to find good apps.
  9. LEGO Pharoah's Quest Mini Site - This LEGO theme is sadly discontinued, but for now the website is still live and has a fun platform game and web comics (if you can solve the hieroglyphic code) and a comic maker.
  10. Playmobil Egypt Mini Site - This site has some excellent historical information about Egypt that will interest kids with a follow-up interactive quiz and The Nile Game is an online version of the Senet board game with throwing sticks and canopic jar pieces where you play against a mummy.

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